Drill & COVID-19

COVID-19 Information

One positive case of Covid-19 has occurred in the ECDC.  (This is the childcare portion of the ministry.)

From the state of Michigan: District and nonprofit nonpublic school must post a notice that the eligible classroom teachers have been identified and provided Form 5734 by November 9, 2020 to provide an opportunity for written appeals of eligibility status on a school website and at least 1 other means of widely used communication.  This notice shall provide an opportunity for any classroom teacher or support staff to appeal eligibility status or the FTE calculation to the district or nonprofit nonpublic school in writing by December 4, 2020.

Drill Information

Documentation of a completed school safety drill is to be posted on our website within 30 school days after the drill is completed and is to be maintained on the website for at least 3 years. the documentation posted on the website shall include all of the following:

  • The name of the school
  • The school year of the drill
  • The date and time of the drill
  • The type of drill completed
  • The number of completed drills for that school year for each type of drill required
  • The signature of the school principal or his/her designee acknowledging completion of the drill
  • The name of the individual in charge of conducting the drill, if other than the school principal
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